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DJ Bob Raines Weekly Classic Rock Radio Broadcast.

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Dj Bob Raines


He moved to the Desert in Eastern Washington in the mid 1970′ while starting High School. He was dismayed to see that in a city as large as the one he lived in that the only FM radio station play Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. The popular AM station played strictly top 40 Pop and disco. Now this was long before Al Gore invented the internet, so if you didn’t hear Rock and Roll on the radio, how then would music starved rockers find new music? Well from older Brothers who had ventured outside the perimeter of the Iron Curtain. Bob has been known to go to a record store back in the day and purchase albums just based on the album covers. To his delight, he discovered such bands as ¬†Triumph as well as April Wine to add to his record collection. Well four decades have passed and the state of over-the-air radio hasn’t changed much. So Bob started his Internet based Radio station , Desert Underground Radio in 2008 and has been on the air every day. He does three feature shows each week, The Sound Of The 70’s, a one hour show exclusively with music from that decade. Also a 3 hour featured artist, bands from Woodstock to the great rock Sounds of today. Also, The Night Comes alive, an entire hour of live concert performances from your favorite artists.